Meagle Sun sells solar refrigerators and freezers all over the world. Our range is composed of direct solar refigerators and freezers with cold accumulator or with a storage by battery (STECA).

We also propose different sorts of medicalized solar refrigerators and freezers meeting OMS requirements. The good storage of vaccines and blood bags are a major issue in many countries and this solution addresses it. The prices are availables in our prices list.

Brands Offered


  • UNOCOOL 165 Solar Direct Drive (no batteries required)

Installation Places

Whether they are medicalized or not, they can be installed in the most isolated areas. They can be installed in African countries or in the Middle East…

Solar plants connected to the network​

The source of solar energy is unlimited and available everywhere even during the night. The products are independant from the local network.

The storage by cold accumulator or by battery enables to keep a continuous temperature even during the night and the days without sun (up to 5 days). The solar refrigerators and freezers functions all the time and are not confronted to current breakdown and other issues that often happen in many countries.

The solar refrigerators and freezers fits every household, commercial and medical applications. The solar refrigerator can be movable for missions and trips.