Meagle Sun produces high quality, engineered solar street light.
Our systems are engineered for long-term and reliable performance with little or no maintenance.
The systems are designed for a wide range of physical and operating environments and are perfect for rural, suburban and metropolitan areas.


The TOTEM is a solar street light characterized by vertically integrated PV panels on a square mast.

The system is managed by a highly efficient solar MPPT controller. A solar charger gathers energy from the solar panels, and stores it in your batteries. Using the latest, fastest technology, it maximizes the energy-harvest, driving it intelligently to achieve full charge in the shortest possible time. The controller maintains battery health, extending its life.
Meagle Sun TOTEM uses high-performance mono-crystalline PV cells. The vertical integration reduces the maintenance and cleaning costs due to dust, sand.
Solar panels, controls and protections are all integrated into the mast structure. In the case of 8m pole, batteries are installed in the ground in order to increase the number of days autonomy.
Meagle Sun TOTEM can be adapted to any outdoor lighting fixture. 3 LED rings are fixed between panels all around the pole.
Available in 5, 8, 10 and 12m heights.
The TOTEM can be monitored through a smart system.


We propose a very large range of solar street light. We provide innovative and cost-effective outdoor solar powered lighting systems.
Our products are available in various heights and wattages for parking sites, secondary and main roads…
We can also manufacture and custom our products following your specifications: logo, painting, design…