PV diesel hybrid solutions create independence from fossil fuels and reduce operating and maintenance costs. This is efficient, low maintenance and saves resources. In the diesel-off mode, the diesel generators are switched off completely. The electricity supply remains fully intact with the same, or even improved, grid quality. The system reliably monitors and controls the interaction between solar and diesel energy, both in grid-connected as well as in hybrid systems. We can also add a battery bank to your hybrid system.

Application of PV diesel Solutions

  • ideal for islands, mines, BTS station.
  • System very interesting in the disturbed networks undergoing a lot of failure.
  • Islanded grid


Our OFF GRID solar solutions are capable of powering a broad range of medium to large properties including homes, farms, hospitals, BTS stations, small businesses, villages… We can design and install a reliable power supply, even without a utility grid. With our stand-alone solar solutions from Meagle Sun, you can always cover your entire electricity demand.

Benefits of Stand-Alone Solar Solutions:

  • You become completely independent from external energy supply and electricity costs
  • Reliable electricity supply anytime even without sun thanks to a battery bank
  • Meagle Sun experts can support you from the design to the commissioning.

The photovoltaic solar panels generate the energy storage in a gel battery banc without any maintenance.